The Meaning of Pink Latte

October 30, 2007

What "latte" actually means? I thought most people would know, until my friend, Jay Wvin asked "What is latte?". Ok, let me explain. Latte, in Italian, stands for milk, while in the US, it is defined as regular coffee with warm milk.

Ever wondered why would I name my blog "Pink Latte" ? "Pink" gives a sweet impression and "Latte" means a beverages with a significant amount of coffee and milk..

Sounds delicious? Do you feel like drinking latte in a pink cup already? Hehe. It took me almost a month to think of a name for my blog. I even asked two of my best friends - CJ and Kah Men to think of a name for my blog. CJ came out with funky ideas like "pink dream, pink gurl". Kah Men also contributed idea for my blog name. CJ gave a very good idea of a blog name - "Pink Kamikaze". At first, I thought that was awesome! But with the Japanese holding this principle and stuff, relating with their god and etc.

Anyway, we made a list of my blog name:
1) Pink Matsumi
2) Sweet Matsumi
3) Pink Latte
4) Pink Tsururu
5) Pink Kamikaze

And finally, we picked "Pink Latte"! Just want to say thank you to CJ and Kah Men, because I bothered them for a long time, and after a month, my blog is created!

Thank You! ^^

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