1st Day in Genting~~

November 18, 2007

Genting on the 14th-16th Nov 2007..

..14th November 2007..

Well..that is the night before going to Genting..

We were supposed to meet at McDonald in KL Sentral at 9.30am..then take a bus from there to Genting..I woke up so early (scared late)..Jun Mun said our bus is separated..One is for 4S5 and one is for 4S7...4S5 bus is at 11am and 4S7 bus is at 10.30am..I had McEgg that morning..
Sat with Shi Ning in the busI am in the same room (7822) with Shi Ning..let's see..my left room was Wei Ji and Kong Weng(7823)..and beside their room is Wei Chuen and Julius Chan (JC)'s room(7824)..I wonder who is on my right..

RM12.50 =_=..we shared..it's kinda big plate..taste not bad too^^Shi Ning went dunno where...and she was holding the hotel key because I was lazy to carry them..so, always need to find her to get in the hotel..After the "Fly" show..I walked around Genting with many many ppl..it was also raining at that time..Shi Ning went somewhere with Jason..It was already 3am and she is not back..so I went over to Wei Chuen's room to sleep..zzzz..very tired and sleepy alreadyd..and she is not back..T.T..Next day I found out that she fell asleep in Wei Ji's room. LOL.

Then we took a bus and reached Genting about an hour and half..Once reach the Cable Car station, we visited the "zoo" there..

so many cute animals!

We took a cable car uphill..then reach hotel to check-in, we randomly took room key..

Hmmm..anyway...then we took lunch..lunch is not provided that day..so me and Shi Ning took lunch at Market Stall..

Went to Snow World..walau..-6 celcius...so damn cold!!Somemore those guys threw ice INSIDE my clothes and on my head...my head got blue-black..(till now)..So I went out and went in again..really very cold..I also played the slide there ^^

Went back to hotel and quickly had a hot bath...waa~~felt so much better...At 9pm..we went and watch "Fly"show at Pavilion..thought it was interesting..went in with an excited heart and came out yawning..so sien (boring) lar..I mean..the acrobats were good but...SIEN!!


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