2nd Day In Genting

November 19, 2007

..15th November 2007..

Before I forget what happened on the second day in Genting..Better write it out..

Ok~I woke up early because 9am, We were supposed to gather at First World Theme Park entrance...I tried to wake the two pigs up (Wei Chuen and Julius Chan)..they were so lazy..fine..I woke up early..Ate Chipsmore as breakfast..drink milo..and went to the entrance to gather with the rest..

By 9.30am..wait a minute..where is everyone? Don't tell me that they haven't reach yet..it's like so late already wo..Boon Wei and Hui Yi they all went for a morning walk at 6am and they still haven't reach? So we called...waited...and WAA~We saw a couples (forget their names but they are from our school) came and we say"OMG...you're the ONLY CHS people I saw here"..then they called...and..OOPPSSs...we were at the wrong entrance..So we walked all the way back to the so called "Entrance"...There were so many entrance la wey...Don't blame me for getting lost in Genting..

1st station we went was the "mini-roller coaster"..I was so reluctant to get up..but see like..so many kids dare to sit..well..I can't lose to them can't I? XD..so I pulled myself and sat in the roller coaster...Astin is even more afraid than I am..LOL..she was like "Not scary wan"-when queuing..then when in the roller coaster "Omg Liki...I'm so scared.." =.=..Jun Mun brought his girlfriend along to the trip...

We sat Pirate Ship too..not scary wan..a bit headache nia..We went Haunted House too..ceh..not scary..no wonder everyone don't wanna go except for me, Astin, Shi Ning, Kah Yan, Wei Ji and Kong Weng..

Then..we took a break and had lunch at First World Cafe (provided)..don't know which genius said it's a buffet..see see..just a lunch box..zzzz...fried rice with some skinny chicken..Went bowling (provided too)..Those guys very funny lar..waaa..I didn't know Ying Yi is so good at it!!Well..I striked too..XD..Went to 4D movie then..the chair moving..got air blowing your ears.. and water..quite fun!

We went back to the theme park and sat on the boat..Damn swt lar..we all planned to race da boat thingy..so I said"sure guys win lar..we girls nia.." so end up each boat MUST have 1 guy and 1 gurl..unfortunately we're lack of a girl so Wei Chuen n Julius Chan sat together,Wei Ji and Shi Ning, Me and Ren Hong, Kong Weng and Astin, and Kah Yan and Tzen Haw..the winner is Wei Ji and Shi Ning..zzz..Ren Hong and Me got last..haha..coz our boat had some problem..

Played many many games...those brave guys: Wei Chuen, Kong Weng, Julius Chan and Kah Yan (brave girl) went n sit the space shot..
can u spot the 3 of them?

waaa...so high up..my soul also will stuck there lar..dare not sit..so we went to ferris wheel, which is just right beside it..^^..

Lined up like almost 2 hours just to play Go-Cart...so sad Shi Ning can't play because the minimum height is 153cm..ke lian..she helped us take photos and hold our bags...(mine)..

Wooo...went back to Hotel and take bath because our next destination is to Ripley's Believe It Or Not..so many weird weird stuff there...Had fun..*something happened there*..I was the last group of CHS that still haven't leave that place with Shi Ning, Edmund and Adrian..then a guy came up and say"Can I have your phone number?"-looking at me - WHAT?!!...He and his whole gang then exchanged num with the four of us..OMG..since that incident happened..he wouldn't stop calling and sms-ing me..he called like 50 times and messaged more than 20 times per day..my phone gonna burst..he even said"I love u..can you be my girlfriend?"...WTH...He and his friend is from Penang anyway..wanna know more about this then ask me..

Wasn't planning to sleep on the 2nd day..Wei Ji "belanja" me Starbuck coffee...YUmmY!! Went back at my hotel only at 3am..Then talked to Shi Ning and Adrian till we all fell asleep...good night!!

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