3rd Day In Genting

November 21, 2007

..16th November 2007..

Today is the last day at Genting...so I planned to wake up earlier and walk around before we head back to KL..Waaa...no need my alarm to ring...that "guy" called since 7am..OMG..my phone kept ringing...RING RING RING...I was soooo MAD!! I wanted to get a peaceful sleep..ARGH!!

So I ended up waking up early and send that guy back to Penang..PHEEWWW...then went walk around with Shi Ning and Adrian..bought two necklaces...quite cheap lar..same prices as KL but I scared can't find it there so I bought..quite worth..One I bought for my mom..^^..the other is for myself!!

We ate KFC for lunch..waaa...my friend all know about the annoying guy..so one of my friend tried to play him and send"I Love U.." to him using their own phone. One minute later, I received a message saying "Waaa..u love me ed?nvm..i can accept ur love..can u b my gf?" =.=...my friend got "barbequed" by me..So GEK HEI!!....some even say"aren't you suppose to be happy?"...I don't think so lar..I find it scary..

We left Genting about 3pm...Took photos in the Cable car and cable station..reach back KL Sentral around 5pm..I miss Genting already...good memories..had lots of fun there~

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