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November 28, 2007

Wat fwens r for?Fwens r evrything...Fwens r life!U can survive without having a without being popular..n b happy even if u're not rich..but without a fwen,u're missing all out..I love my fwens...without them..i dun thnk i can survive through my life~

Kelly came over ma hse around 8am..i jus woke up~..n v hav 2 buy shoes n white pants 4 our dance..3 more days 2 go..v haven't finish our cheography 4 it yet..swt lar!!summore tdy change song agn..anyway,Kelly n I planned 2 go Sg Wang 2 seemed like KL is x safe so i mom wouldn't allowed me 2 Kelly suggested 2 go Sunway Pyramid instead..I m stil sket..taking bus i called Chin Ming-2 b my bodyguard-...but he can' dun nvm lar..i called up Calvin n found out tt he oso goin Pyramid but he x wanna wait me in skul T.T..Calvin told me 2 call Cj..i call him tt time..Cj jus woke up~..sound blur n cute..after long talk on phone..he finally agreed 2 go Sunway Pyramid wit me~

YAY!!!Cj is soooo nice....he jus go Sunway Pyramid 2 teman nice..My mom thought wanna take us 2 da bus stop below our skul bridge..but drive drive drive....V suddenly reach Sunway d...Cj,Kelly n I sooooo SWT!!Kelly even asked"v're reaching skul?"...swt..she so blurr..den my mom ask whether v nid 2 use cam..aiks..regret didn't took da cam~!if not v can snap many photos..wit Cj around..evrything goes well...not 4getting Calvin..v all were RED..if was coincidence tt Cj,Kelly n I were red...Calvin is RED bcoz v told him 2..haha!!

After walking for 2 hours,v get shoes,RM39.90 n white pants,RM33.90...It's nice...n it's reli hard 2 find white pants,I AM SERIOUSLY telling u dis..WHITE PANTS is like difficult 2 find~zzzz....Shi Ning shld thank god tt she's x wit us..o x she sure complained how hard izzit 2 get a white pants 4 dancing..I mean v saw many white pants..but either it's too tight...too expensive..not flexible..quality of clothes x good..Lucky i suggested 2 go "Cheetah" white pants frm der...n shoes frm "Life Star"..

came home n went out agn 2 buy bling bling 2 decorate our "sport bra"..I'll post a picture of our FULL costume lar..patience..ladies n gentleman^^..I'm looking forward too~3 more days 2 dancing competition..."Faith"-our group name wit our member Star(Shi Ning),Liki(Li Kee) n Kell(Kelly) ngam all oso four-letter ni.."Faith" GAMBATEH!!!!

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