Dance Competition Day

December 13, 2007 is the dance competition day..everyone was so, Kelly and Shi Ning...we were so nervous..we overnight at Kelly's the night before competition..supposed to practise but we kinda fun night..I sleep on the floor with Shi Ning while Kelly and Marie (her sis) sleep on their on was not really that cold but Shi Ning wore the thick thick jacket like she's in the Iceland..she can wear shortpants in Genting but thick jacket in air-cond room? Hmm..

Next morning (competition day),we went out for a again..haha..then we keep practise and practise..Kelly keep making mistakes so Shi Ning and I keep shooting her..guess she got the pressure d..We even slept on Kelly's was so comfortable..when I bath..guess wat I saw? My leg got a blue-black!! we changed our starting pose..Our competition start at 7pm but have to reach there by 6pm..OMG, 5 something we were still preparing and make up-ing..reached there by 6 something then that Kelly make me nervous so we stayed in the toilet..doesn't wanna come out..

When we reached there..saw many ppl doing break dancing..popping..locking..waaaa...all so pro..we seemed so weak there..wearing pink jacket-doesn't wanna show other ppl our costume..Then we have briefing before the competition starts..We are the 4th group to  compete (lucky draw) out of 13..was so nervous d..zzz...Kelly went out of timing till soooooo gua cheong..kena shoot from Shi Ning and Me again..

After our turn compete, we sat there..thinking how bad we did..till everyone went back..then Kelly's mom came and fetch us home..if we receive call by 11pm, means we got in top5, competing again in final on 15th Dec 10 something, we were so nervous finding Kelly's key for her keep her hp (her mom don't know she bought a phone)..then we receive calls!! We were screaming"We got in TOP5!!!" were so happy jumping here and's so unexpected because I thought we really sucked..

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