Exciting Weekend

December 04, 2007

What an exciting weekend...I just won an excellent award for art on Saturday!..ok..It's nothing much..I was expecting like 1st or 2nd...haihz...1st was a girl, Form 3 and 2nd was a girl, Form 1 and 3rd was a guy, Form 3...sigh~~I'm lost to someone younger than me...kinda pai seh hor?..haihz..nvm..can't blame myself (self-comfort)..I didn't take art..hey..I'm a science student..^^..I went shopping with Lee Li..snap so many photos...we even tried on wigs and many caps and breket..^^

Last sunday, right after I woke up (1pm)...still blur blur..gonna take my brunch..I received calls..I'm invited to perform in Port Dickson on the 31st of Dec 2007!! OMG~~I was like shocked..with 4 guys n 4 girls (including me)..I'm sure that cute guy also got go (some cute guy I met in my dance studio-Form 5)..Hehe..So excited..everything is free of charge! Transport, food, stay..all included! WOAH~..And I get paid too..waaa...yay..happy happy!!

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