Kah Men's hse

December 18, 2007

We suppose to start a party for Tien Yi at 11am..but..I woke up around 12pm?..haha!!So, then I asked my mom,"where's Kota Kemuning?"..my mom say "Near Klang lar...OMG...so farrrrr"...Haha..but I still go to her house lar..wanna see her house and also visit Tien Yi..I take my breakfast+lunch in car..

I'm the shortest =.=

Halfway..I remembered!! I forgot to bring the 2 soft drinks I bought to Kah Men's house..fine lar..forget about it..My mom also wanna visit Kah Men's house..so she was like"come come!!take photo.." haha! I'm speechless..Tien Yi looks the same to me..she just grew a little taller than me..T_T..Actually we want to bake cookies but Kah Men forgot that she doesn't have butter..so sad lar..I love cookies!! Then I remembered, I forgot to return Kah Men her storybook..I'm really blur lar..
my 1st apple pie in my life

We went and eat in McDonalds'...then chat whole day..about Tien Yi's life there and also gossips that she missed..she's still funny..same ascent..hehe..Tien Yi gave me the souvenirs~~

Kah Men's house really big..corner house leh..But her house many insects..haha, her garden is nice!!We chat whole day..I had dinner at her house..not bad!!her mom's cooking is nice..but I still don't get it, how can she eat vegetables, eggs, chicken and fish without rice..zzz..then we watch videos from YouTube till my mom come and fetch me home ^^

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