My Sweet 16 n Xmas~~

December 25, 2007

I didn't invite much people to attend my birthday party this year but..I really had sooo much fun!! With Cj, Kah Men, Wen Jie, Kai Lin, Chin Ming, Shi Ning and Jiunn Heng around..they make a perfect Sweet 16 for me..Ren Hong and Wei Ji came but only for a little while..not even half an hour..

The 1st person to reach my house was Jiunn Heng..=_=...he was so early..and he didn't even know which no. is my he went to the playground near my house..Cj kept giving me calls..LOL!!

Once Cj and Kah Men reach my house, they play PS2..

Can u believe that Kah Men win Cj? Even Jiunn Heng 1st time playing PS2 also win Cj..haha!!

I took Wen Jie's photo once he came in my house..

We dance and dance...crazy fella...look at Wen Jie and Kai Lin trying to dance belly dance..^^

My younger bro was hungry...but the spaghetti Cj brought was cold d...he was in the kitchen steaming his spaghetti...with two helper..more like kacau-ing Cj.. =D

Wen Jie do the dishes..

My birthday cake..."The Holy Night"..

My friends and my bro's friend..

My family except my dad..

don't aim the "pop" at me lar...I scared leh!!

preparation for the opening ceremony!!champagne!!

Love u guys!!

Nice shot!!

At 12am sharp..Posing to open the champagne..actually only Cj knows how to open!!^^


The Crazy Wen Jie~

The Sexy Cj~

The Noob Kai Lin~

The Sick Chin Ming~

The Chicky Liki~

The Sam Pat Kah Men~

Kai Lin throw her "flower"
Thanks for celebrating my Sweet 16 and you all!!

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