-Prom Night-

December 11, 2007

I love prom...Prom night (9th Dec 2007) was the most wonderful night of my life..Haha..many ppl didn't know that I am attending the prom..apparently only my close friends n my partner's friends knows that I'm going..My partner is Jiunn Heng..is it unpredictable? or predictable? haha!! Anyway..I started preparing a month before prom..I didn't actually eat lesser..=p..it was so hard to control..

the night before prom, Jiunn Heng called and asked for my house address...I think he's taking me there..He told me to be prepared approximately 6pm or earlier..I was scared that I was late so I called the girl, who helped me to set my hair and make up to come around 3pm..I took 1 hour to bath..consider quite long for me because I normally take about 5 minutes..haha..I just bought my bag ON the PROM day itself..haha..cost me RM69.90..ok, my whole prom cost:

Prom Dress=RM89.90
Prom Shoe=Rm49.90
Prom Bag=RM69.90
Prom Ticket=Free(he pay)
Make up n hair=RM120

Haha..it's funny because I thought I would spend more..anyway..I SAVED a lot already lar..I really miss that night..it was really fun!!!

We got lost on our way to Shangri-La hotel..I reach there the earliest..He's part of thee committee..ok..sort of..he is VIP, so we don't need ticket to go in..haha..OMG..Kah Fai's hair was GREEN colour..So scary..like grass..Then I saw Chuan Yang bring Ting San..Chuan Yang said "If I'm a earthworm, I'll eat his hair"..HAHA..wow..luckily he brought a f4 girl..Luckily, I'm not the only f4 girl..I saw Li Ann..saw 1 f2 girl also..beside our ballroom there's a Mahindra thingy..some indian concert..they sing like ghost screaming..scary..Actually we thought of going in first until the ballroom open..haha..then 1 couple rushed in..LOL..So we end up going in second..Chuan Yang and Ting San was 3rd..We then look which table to sit..I don't remember who sat in the middle of ballroom..haha..it wasn't a nice spot because the light is really bright!! LOL..1st performance was magic show by Yi Pei..got Live band by Ask My Again..the stage was small and the dance floor was small too..the MC was Tung Tung and can't remember what was the guy's name..

Ting San and me keep visiting toilet..so she say"toilet is our friend tonight"..lol..It was nice to see everyone put in effort to dress up..When eating time, those ppl rushed out like gorilla..want to eat..everyone was hungry..including me..they got soup n salad section, appetizer section and serving section..the serving section was so full..so we went the other 2 section 1st..I took a lot of appetizer..many delicious cake..don't know which to take so Jiunn Heng say "take one of everything"..end up..I ate only 2 small cake and the rest he have to finish it..he was like"I fat d then it's your responsibility ar"..waaa..I don't let him eat..haha! He took pasta..broccoli..waaa..he know what I want..but he don't know I wanted mushroom..I took from his plate..Chuan Yang say "u guys don't play with food lar.."..then Jiunn Heng say"we not playing..she is just transfering food from my plate to her mouth.."..=.=...I let both of them zha dao..Ting San said Chuan Yang wasn't feeling well that night, so she make him eat fruit..haha..they have to divide fruit..very swt lar that time..

When dance fast song time..majority of the people was so HIGH!!even myself..I want to kick my high heels d..but cannot embarrass him..haha!! ok, then Woah.. First time I see Terence dance till so high..he's the first that run to the dance floor..too bad the dance floor was too small lar..anyway, it was fun..They got lucky draw..Shereen,Wei Khai and Ying Yang kena!! Shereen got a nokia phone 2100Wei Khai got MP3 player and Ying Yang got a pendrive..woah!!

Announcing Prom Queen....Jessie Lim!!n Prom King..Ee Song Jian!!

Tung Tung
fall down from stage when announcing Prom Queen..=.= Time for slow dance..waaa..
Zhi Shan asked me to dance and Jiunn Heng also asked me to dance..waaa..I looked at both of them..at last still dance with Jiunn Heng..after all he's my partner..so Jiunn Heng was like"Do you know how to dance?"...haha..I just simply dance..XDWhole night I became "Ah Sou"..almost all his friends call me "Ah Sou"..pai seh-nye..he send me home at night..4 of us in the car..Wei Bin was so funny..The driver so cute..want to fall asleep all the time..We got lost again..the sign board say"Jalan Ipoh....Genting Highlands"....Lol..finally reach home at 2-3am..so sleepy..

I miss prom night..Tonight's Dream,Tomorrow's Memory~~

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