Tien Yi's Farewell

December 22, 2007

Speaking about farewell makes me so sad..It's my last time to see Tien Yi before she goes back to Aus...haihz...I really really miss her..I even thought like, if she didn't migrate there, I might be in the same class with her..things are different with her around..and she's still the same old Tien Yi..maintained very good..same ascent and bodyshape..haha..

So, everyone say wanna meet at 12pm..but everyone was LATE seriously..just that Tien Yi and Mark reached earlier but they don't recognise each other..haha..I came with Wei Ji (lucky..if not, I'll be alone..) Then lastly, Cj came..while waiting for Cj, Tien Yi suggested to visit Wedding Exhibition..very zha dou lar..it's like..
yay!!wedding gown!!

everyone thought Kah Men wanna get marry..then 1 lady was so funny..she asked "r u taking wedding photo or teenager photo?"..haha..was funny!! Anyway..we have no idea what to eat but aiyaa..whatever lar..just eat Sushi King..OMG..saw Pn.Yap..zzz..We took a lot of photos at Sushi King..^^=p

Candid shot!!(girls)
Candid shot!!(guys)
We seriously didn't know Cj took this but it really does looks like from drama

We planned not to watch movie because it's like kinda waste time also..so, we just walked around..shopping..took sticker photos..
Cj..as always..decorating the photo stickers..
Monster..I like the SOSthis was supposed to be a flirty pic..we failed
blekk=Peveryone behind was saluting=_=

Then went home d lu..really miss Tien Yi..don't forget us o!!

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