1st n 2nd day of skul =)

January 04, 2008

Haha..the night before 1st day of school, I couldn't sleep..I was so worried bout school..SPM..homework..exams..stress..sigh..

Once I reached school, I bang into Wen Jie, Kah Men, Chern Jung, Sum Hooi and Yik Luei..^^..same like last year..I miss them soooo much..1st day of school was ok lar..I still sit with Shi Ning but moved 1 place back..everyone wants to sit in front..want to concentrate for SPM wor..

This year really have to concentrate and listen to what teacher say lor..Can't sleep in class jor..except Chinese lar..Chinese period is for me to relax and rest..^^..most of our teacher also changed d..Math, Moral, EST and PJPK changed teacher d..carried 15 textbooks back home..I'm strong!!

Second day was also ok lar..teacher started giving assignments and projects d..T_T..Lots of homework to complete o..what disgusted me today was the video that our bio teacher show us..It was about how human get animal furr..Sooo cruel..1st they hit the animal head..then tear their skin off while it's ALIVE!!! omg..those blood..and the animal is still moving..bleeding..left the flash only..I can't bare to watch..

Haihz..how can human be so cruel..

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