Happy New Year,2008!!

January 01, 2008

Happy New Year, 2008!!!Had really really great time yesterday!!..The story of the 1st night of 2008 begins..

I took a very long and hard time to persuate my bro's friend, Zheng Ao to take drive me to 1u..Finally, they say go 1u (which sounded reluctant..they planned to go Sunway Pyramid)..=_=..I still think 1u is better..So, Edward came to my house then me, my bro and him go to Koon Rui's house then from there, Zheng Ao drive us to 1u..^^..we scared jam so we went earlier..about 3-4pm..They on such a loud techno song that can burst my eardrums..

Once we reach there, my bro and his friends eat in Burger King..What?!..I just had my lunch at home..nvm lar..they eat..I steal some fries and drinks then can d..waiting for Mark to reach 1u...when he reach, he asked me to meet him in GSC..OMG..where is Gsc..left or right..I went to TGV and found out it wasn't GSC..walked the other way..saying hi 2 my bro's again (passing by Burger King)..haha!

he's not wearing that wig lar..if he wear that and walk with me..I don't know him..=_=..

I meet up with Mark..he took me to Chilis to eat..Woah!! COOL!! I love CHILIS..Why? The last time I went was two years ago for Lee Li's birthday..the food there is..delicious!!but expensive..Mark and I ordered a sandwich and share..soo much fries that it almost make us wanna puke..haha..Mark ordered desserts too!! waaa....desserts!!
Ice-cream..but caramel? I don't really eat caramel..but..

haha..just eat lar..It's yummy though..Yummy Yummy!!..Next time when I go 1u, I wanna try eating Sushigroove (Japanese buffet) and TGI Friday (if they have it there)..

After filling our stomach..we was too full to walk..but..shopping is the best exercise!!Walk walk walk..I LOVE 1u!!!!! Best place to shop!!..hehe..Mark left around 7pm..then I meet with my bro and walk a little while when...WTF??!!What is T__ Y_ C___doing there?Argh...I dont want to see his ___face lar..Argh..just say hi..he was with his gang..just then..*Ring Ring*, A call frm Jiunn Heng.."where are you? I'm at the Tropicana Life there.." ok, you saved me!!I'm just beside beside Tropicana Life..So, I went and meet up with Jiunn Heng and forgot everything about him*..^^..

Jiunn Heng took me for a dinner in Italianese..He had gathering with his gang..and some of his primary school friend..One of them was the girl he had a crush on in primary..Aiyaa..Forget to compare her height..I taller or she taller ar?...hmmm..after dinner, Jiunn Heng, me, CY and TS go walk walk around 1u..We stopped by a shop and bought ring from der..(forgot the shop name)..it was so funny because my finger was too small..can't fit..and on the other hand, Jiunn Heng's finger was too big..haha..I took da smallest size (11) and Jiunn Heng took size (21)..dunno whether it's the biggest size or not..CY and TS got 1 pair too..

Then we just kept walking..since my last time in 1u was..err..can't recall..but quite some time ago lar..Jiunn Heng was so funny..with his cute sense of humour..I'm staying for countdown..but Ting San isn't..so sad..Sigh..We walked from 1u to The Curve..I was expecting more ppl to celebrate countdown..it was many ppl but I was expecting more..^^..I saw Chin Ming, Chin Seng, his mom, Hui Yi, Kar Shie..these are those people I saw lar..I first time go to countdown eh..It was sooooo fun!! I love countdown..The fireworks was so nice!! But they say last year nicer lar..I don't know o..since it's my first time..It was nice..fun..I didn't regret going there..I actually was kinda scared I'll get bored.

After countdown..OMG..my bro and his friend still in 1u..=_=..how am I going back? They somemore say wanna go Clubbing..eh, FYI, I'm under 18..haha..The line there was so busy..error in connection lar..etc..etc..So, fine, I go back with Chin Ming lar..We ate Asam Laksa in Damansara, since the road was so jam and Chin Yik (his eldest bro) was so hungry..I was actually hungry too..the Asam Laksa was not that good but argh..u still eat it,digest and shit it out..haha..My younger bro was at home..waiting for me and my bro to get home..open door for us..he's watching Death Note 1 and Death Note 2..alone..eating junks..with Hippy..so sad lar..sad new year..T.T..

I finally reach home at 3.18am..oiii...but stil earlier than my bro..I say wanna accompany my younger bro till my elder bro back..but..I took bath and sleep d lor..dead asleep..so tired..My bro was back at 5am..

Basically I ate Burger King, Chilis and Italianiese in 5 hours..Haha..next morning, ate Kenny Rogers with my family..Hahaaaaa...

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