New Laptop!

January 29, 2008

I’ve been wanting a laptop ever since last year..Why? Because my bro got to use computer like 24/7..I need to tell him that I wanna use com at least 2 hours before so I can online..not only that..He downloaded so many games and movies..there’s no space for me to store my stuff..And I couldn’t online when I really have to do research or homework..So I requested for a laptop..

It took me abt jus 2 days to decide which laptop to that time Dell is having promotion so ok lar..Just buy Dell Inspiron 1420..There’s so many people hav it..Kah Men’sis..Meu Ye..Yoon Leen..Sarah Tan..Ying Yang..So, I guess, so many people buy, should be a good laptop only people will buy right? The price they offer is RM2799 I upgraded the RAM to 2GB..And the price became RM3005..

They sent me a delivery letter..saying that they only delivered my laptop on the 4th of Feb..Harr...wait so long meh..I have no patient leh..Btw, it’s PINK!hehe..If u know me, then u would have predicted it’s PINK! So on one fine evening..after school and LPS duty..on the 28th of Jan..Guess wat I saw..

A box on my table..

Open it up.. guessed rite..I got my laptop d..YES!!Finally..but sad thing it’s I couldn’t online..why? U asked me? I have this wireless router but I didn't know how to install it..Waiting for ppl to come to my house and install for me..That’s why I didn’t blog so long d..

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