The Shit

February 01, 2008

You must be wondering why I name this post “The Shit”..well..I didn’t know this till almost the end of the class..There’s SHIT outside our class..the window side..not the stairs side..The window side facing the PBSM room..Yeap..there’s SHIT ouside..

No wonder Ian and Keenen was saying about SHIT and how smelly was it..I couldn’t smell the shit (btw, James and Lee Young sat behind me while Ian and Keenen sat behind James and Lee Young)..So..back to the shit..That Ian and Keenen try to get rid of the shit, so they used our class broom to sweep it down..Yes, Sweep it down..And guess who’s below our class? 5S4..

Keenen was scolding Ian"Stupid, use a paper and sweep it down with a broom lar" I don't know where the hell they got a sugar paper and try to sweep the SHIT..1st try the SHIT became F.L.A.T..FLAT..they’re making it worst and disgusting..2nd try..the SHIT didn’t become FLAT because they wrapped the whole broom with a sugar paper..the same sugar paper that make the SHIT flat..EEWWW*disgusting*..anyway, they use the broom and sweep the SHIT down..It went down all through..(some afternoon session girls were staring at what we were doing..laughing..)..Ian took the broom back..Keenen was like”Sucker,throw the paper away lar..”..

Imagine you’re in 5S4..window side..suddenly there’s SHIT drop..(luckily you didn't put your head or hand out) you smell anything funny?

Almost the whole class of 5S5 boys went down just to actually take a look at the SHIT..It was free period that time..because our teacher got meeting..

I don't understand why there’s so many SHIT around..last time in Block E, our previous class..there’s always SHIT and ppl do step on it..Now, we’re in Block A, there’s SHIT along the way in ABM room..Really BIG and FRESH..If you were very sleepy on the day..walking to girls’ toilet or lab through that way, I advise you to open ur eye BIGGER so you won't step on it..Trust me..even til now..people still stepped on it..Not only that..after people stepped on it, there’s SHIT stain on the floor..and it’s not washed till now..It’s the end of January today..

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