Undang(KPP) Talk

January 29, 2008

I'm a grown up..(NO!!)

I went to the Undang talk today for the 5 freaking hours..damn sien lar wey..Woke up so early..and listen to the long long undang..our lecturer is an indian guy named PuvanRaj..he's like Mr.Michael no.2..Why? He talks CRAP..more than undang...explaining his name meaning..the "King Of The World"..saying his name got 15 characters..who cares lar? It's not even included in our exam..

Anyway..I sat at the corner of the class..front left corner..beside window..so that I could sleep..I actually attended the talk wit my bro..He pro..didn't fall asleep..I think I slept for 45 min..We have breaks in between lor..Oh yea, our lecturer loves to say "bloody fool..bloody idiot..bloody hell.." He's racist too..why? because he scold the malays "Babi!"..ok..so..our talk starts from 9am till 2pm..there's break at 12.30pm..I ate fried nasi with curry chicken that cost RM3 but my bro didn't eat..he paid for me =)

After finish the talk..I went home..bath and sleep til 7pm..then had dinner and sleep again..damn tired..Undang exam on 6th of Feb!! Gambateh!!

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