After A Long Decade...

February 11, 2008

I finally meet up wit Lee Li..(nt reli long decade)..I rmb da last time when I saw Lee Li was..can't rmb..She said she's coming my hse at 10am...but when I woke up at 10,30am,she's stil nt here =_=
Finally she's here at 12pm..
love ur taTOo

Came wit her sexy curly hair..She went 2 a birthday party last nite at Shangri-La..It was a 7 years old party,n Mr n Ms Personality gt a IPod Nano..Ahh..I shld hav go..

Anyway,busy camwhoring wit her..oh,n searching 4 Gillian,edison,Maggie n Bobo's sex video..v expected more of it..but end up jz a few.
Not dat xcitin aftarall=.=

Well, this is the convo me wif lily afta searching it..

Lee Li:Wahahaha..I'm Innocent!!
Li Kee(thnking):yea right..
Lee Li: Ryte! Wei...if i am, u ARRE ma crime partner!! MuahahahahaXD
Li Kee: NONONONO..i'm not!! Gosh~~
Lee Li: Hu start searching the pic? Hu type it out to luk for it? Hmmm...?? YOU DID! lalalala~~
Li Kee: could u!! i'm searching it up for u~
Lee Li: LOL
Li Kee: LOL

Okie..dats its. Then i start changin n let Lily to incharge of this blog! FYI, those convo is written by her..her storyline=,=! Enjoy~

Hey..this is lily speakin, i mean typing..bahahaha..i'm ruling her blog for few minutes b4 she cum out frm her toilet..n if she found out, she'll cum smacking me up :S wee~~scaryyy!
Ah lets bgin...i known her for ages dy..since v were form1!

still rmb how v get to knoe each other..same tuition, teacher was askin a Q, both of us duno..v luk at each other
Lily: hey..u noe wad is the ans?
Liki: err..duno wo..
Lily: me too..

N dats how v start talking n start out lil fwenship till nowXD! Is 5 yrs and still counting...:PP
Now v haf grown up to big gurls..well, v r 17yrs old dy!

Look at how v had grown!!

Pic took when v were 14..

Pic of us 3 years ltr..

haha..sweet memories r to b kept! lolx..i heart u!! i lup u!! i L oh weee Ee u!!
okie, i gtg dy..liki is back! tc, guys..enjoy blogggin! hopefully i wunt get addicted to it :@
Lily signing outXD~
Lily's entries

Shld I say Liki signing in?
Hmm..Tt lame Lily..noe her for 5 years d..Stil same..Silly..

Hippy wit da poor bear
Wanna kiss u Hippy
Studying sej konon..

retarded Lee Li

Tt crazy lily

Da present she gave meOn da way 2 MV

1st photo when reach MV..kena marah by da girl cz cnt take photo=_=

Fitting room..

In Sushi King..

Awww..I soooo miss her right now..T.T

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