Cross-Country a.k.a. Merentas Desa

February 03, 2008

Yeap..I noe I sucked at running..STOP laughing!

Went 2 skul like normal..Planned 2 run wit Hui Ning,n Kai Lin but Kai Lin leaves us..She join her LM gang..HMPH!Dun wan fwen u Kai Lin..XD..Nvm..Was actually kinda late cz Chin Ming 4got 2 woke up n couldn’t find his pin..I noe..He’s blur in da morning..So den,it was messy tt time..evry1 is walking around..I couldn’t find my class..I jus find sum place 2 sit lar..Den I saw Jie Yi n went 2 chat wit her lor..

B4 i start,let me explain:

-P1,L1:Form 5 & 6

-P2,L2:Form 1 & 2

-P3,L3:Form 3 & 4

I hold a bottle of water n me?Boo u CJ..No wonder u thirsty all da way lar..Keke..^^..Ok,so obviously da skul let P2 n L2 2 run 1st..followed by us,P1 & L1..V start running at 9.10am..MUST reach skul by 9.50pm..5km..(btw,5km is NOT short,guys)..B4 L1 start running,guess wat?Der’s a P2 yellow hse girl ran bak!So damn freaking fast!I bet all da L1 guys were stunt..So geng leh!

Anyway..I run n walk 3km in 15 mins..can reach bak skul d wan..den *BOOM*..start feeling dizzy n blankout..Pai seh..Hui Ning,Hui Wen n Hua Ngik gotto jaga me til I recover..Sry ya guys..our skul PBSM lagi geng..the called a car 2 ride me home but after 20mins,I woke up n stil haven’t cum..Ok fine..V’ll walk bak 2 skul..Many thcr n student were looking down on us..thnking v sucked..No,V dun!Seriously over 100+ ppl run pass us when I faint..

Aha!Once reach skul..V were betting either Yuan Ning or Xin Lin won 1st..U thnk?I went n joined Chin Ming n CJ they all..sat right in front of red hse group 2 make them Yellow House..U vry de evil..U guys hav Hailer!Sean Paul,me n othrs screamed like hell!Neither do Yuan Ning nor Xin Lin got 1st..Fiona Wong gt 1st!!R u crazy?She actually practiced running 8km wit da guys..I didn’t noe u can run man!U were saying “I must get 1st dis year” n I thought u were jk!Fiona u rock!!

Oh,I saw my couz,Yee Wah n Theng Fei..Oooo..Sweet couple..

Results 4 Merentas Desa:

1st-Rumah Ungu

2nd-Rumah Kuning

3rd-Rumah Hijau

4th-Rumah Biru

5th-Rumah Merah

I noe it’s quite disappointing..Nvm,Merah wil WIN da marching n decoration!It’s been 5 years consequently Merah won..V cnt break da tradition!Oh and..Happy Birthday Kong Weng!

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