Last Day Of Chinese New Year

February 22, 2008

Didn't wish 2 end Chinese New Year so fast..y does Malay onli had 2 days of Raya but 15 days of holiday while chinese got 15 days of New Year but onli 6 days of holiday?It's not fair..

Anyway,last day of CNY=China's White Valentine=Chap Goh Mei(I thnk)..
V celebrate 2 days of's y u shld b a chinese..^^..LOL..I sound like a racist all of a influenced by James n Keenen..oh,n Ian..

Skl's skl..but tdy is our photo session day 4 class n sum clubs/society..It's our last year of taking photo in our skl magazine..I sure do wanna appear in our skl magazine..Btw,it's our last year so evry1 is so nervous..when it's our class turn 2 take photo,all da girls went in da toilet n comb their hair,making sure they look gud in da skl magazine 4 da last year..I was 1 of da girls tt went toilet..Hui Yi was like"dun wry,I hav mirror...ngek ngek(evil laugh)"..B4 v took time,she asked me"U wanna c urself?"..Haha..funny..V had fun during our photo session..Our free style was so cool..Rmb 2 check it out,5S5(2008)free style photo!!

I took 3 photos tdy:
1)Class of 5S5 2008-Member
2)Red House-Representative for Gimrama
3)Choir Club-Biro Publicity

btw,Lim Yoke Keng is so hardworking tdy..she walked da whole skl 2 catch ppl wit long hair..hehe..I kinda pity Pn.Tang..our ex-bio thcr n our current red hse head thcr..she's x in da photo cz v didn't manage 2 find her n many thcr was angry at her..

v waited 4 her 4 abt 30mins..

gt choir practise tdy..choir competition is on 26th March 2008..sigh..V're not prepared!!

Well..Exam is like..on the 29th of February!!Sigh..haven't study yet..stil playing around..HELP!!Thanks 4 ur Valentine present Shi Ning!

When I came home..I saw wat Hippy cute!
scares's moving!
suddenly Hippy appears
looking at me..
n hide under da chair cz sket I scold him..XD

OH,at nite,my hse area gt so many fireworks!!So nice!!My bro play fireworks lor..
da beauty street of my hse area
my younger bro
lighting it..
notice da black spot on da ground..caused by wat v played..

lucky I hav Hippy by my side all da time..accompany me study wil late nite..I love you darling Hippy..

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