New Year Party @ Chin Ming's Hse

February 03, 2008

Woah..Chin Ming!!U nvr told me earlier 2 bring sumthing tt I hav 2 COOK!ah..U wan me,Chee Li Kee 2 cook?!R u serious?!..I noe I vry good at cooking!..ELEH..*I nvr cook b4*

lucky gt ppl noe how 2 cook

So,dis specially planned party at Chin Ming hse was actually 2 celebrate New Year n bday for February babies:Kah Men,Wei Ji,Kong Weng,Hong Liang & Hui Ning..N dis is a REALLY GREAT PARTY!!!Those attend were: Me(durh),Kah Men,Sum Hooi,Hui Ning,Pei Zhen,Kong Weng,Wei Ji,Wei Chuen,Chern Jung,Yik Luei,Leon,Aaron,Benedict,Hong Liang,Ren Hong, & Wen Jie..

guys r reli guys..

and girls is oso girlsChin Ming..pls repair ur com..

Hong Liang,ur leg damn scary
Wei Ji wit my pink hairband

I thought I came like..late cz da party starts at 1pm but I reached abt..2pm?Brought my laptop der..hoping Kah Men could install Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop 4 me..But failed..N oso 2 steal Chin Ming's hse connection(wakaka)..
Wen Jie loves CNY!

I noe Wei Chuen's underwear is so sexy..Wen Jie loves it a lot..

He even put it around a bottle..when Ren Hong saw,he was like"WTF,tt's my bottle"

Hui Ning,dun sleep everywhere lar..*Chin Ming's doraemon*

Guys having lunch(NOT onli 3 guys..)

Chin Ming's car wil broke(Wen Jie..COME DOWN!!)

we wan a proper photos

Leon hiding after he said"Laura is MINE!!"

Chin Ming,next time u wanna photo wit us,dun hav 2 hide bhind secretly

On da way 2 condo:

V were supposed 2 swim at sum condo nearby but da guards wun let us in..Too many,I guess..I heard tt those guys actually argued wit da guards..V tried 2 squeezed 9 ppl in a car 2 get in da condo..Evry1 actually look da othr side of da window,so da guard wun realise..Hong Liang enjoyed da "closeness" in da car =.=..Yik Luei n Aaron sat on front seat bside Chin Ming's mom,known as "Twins Of The Day"

It was reli hot..nid sum ice-cream..
Guys r HOT!
Ren Hong wit his breakdancing skillSuppose 2 act like lesbo..r v?

Wen Jie,dun molest da car
Da wind sumhow blow n v posed like mad ppl

V camwhore a lot..yes..REALLY A LOT!!Kah Men told me she snapped 130 photos..I snapped 51 photos..n 3 videos..
Get away u pervert!

I molest u bak

*pointing*big breast
I love u girl...

Dun peek u suckers

Gong Xi Fa Cai?

V all loves Wei Ji

Back view

Front View

Lastly..Happy Chinese New YEAR!!

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