New Year Party @ Zhen Yoong's hse

February 17, 2008

Yay!!Anthr new year far,in year 2008,I enjoyed a lot..nvr hang out wit fwens so much in my life..keke...anyway,after dance lesson so went Zhen Yoong's hse to partyyyyy..

Was late agn..LOL..say tt his hse was near Chen Moh..where gt walking distance?LOL..but it's tt area lar..went der n many ppl was even later than me like Ren Hong,Tzen Haw,Eng Yuan n Jun Mun cz they went 2 break dance class..=_=..Astin was so mad cz Eng Yuan was late..

Lazy 2 blog..c pics lar..
Astin n Liki
Girls of da nite
pay attention when take photo lar!I noe u wanna play football..

Shi Ning n me
den Wei Ji came

n Astin came
3 of us agn>_<
have u seen a tap in a room?
Zy's cute gingerbreadman
"Nooo..I'm x part of ur camwhore gang.."Keenen say tt
Zy's toys
Wei Seong n me
Edmund n me
Guo Wei,me, AQ at the behind
Edmund,Shi Ning n me

tired d..nitezz

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