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February 02, 2008

Dis morning when I woke up..my troat felt like..a needle poking me..So pain!..I couldn’t even speak..Was miming whle day..Ppl like..didn’t reli talk 2 me tdy cz they say “I feel like speaking 2 myself”..

B4 class started,v went 2 get our participation 4 Cross-Country tml..My num is “M1018”..If u c a girl wit dis num tml,tt’s me..n da 1st 2 reach da finale line wil oso b me..Haha..Impossible..I can’t run lar..my stamina sucks..Anyway..once enter class..WTH..I’m the onli girl?Ervy1 went lab..but thcr is in da class..wakaka..Xian Tze so cham..He kena bird shit right on his head..our blue card oso kena..Derrick kena shirt,bag n shoes..da 1st thing he said when he saw me”Damn All those birds”..

Ren Hong sat bside me whle day tdy..Well..He’s stil depressed cz of Kah Yan..n same thing I wanna ask..Wat’s so attractive abt her?She seems so fake n hurt guys heart..Can u stop playing guys heart?They’re human too..I hope 1 day she gt cheated by guys den onli she noe how it feels..I noe it’s evil but..she hurt more than 5 fwens of mine..

If me,I couldn’t stand hurting guys heart..dun u feel guilty?

Oh yea,it was choir orientation day tdy..Quite fun but too bad I couldn’t talk..My most quiet day of my life..1st was da paper sticking at the bak of ppl n write abt them(did it in Buddhist Telematch)..den play wind blow..how?Like I say “Wind blow ppl hu wear spects” den u gotto move frm ur place 2 othr ppl’s place”..N lastly v hav Lucky Draw session..nt include old ppl like me lar..Oh,Ying Hui came bak n visit us..

I wanna go on9 wit my laptop!!Faster set da internet connection lar!!

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