Valentine Day

February 15, 2008

yes..tdy is da day where guys giving presents 2 da girl they like n girls hoping 2 receive presents..Guys,did u giv?Girls,did u receive? If u didn't,it's ok..It's jus a day 2 express ur love nt onli 2 ur boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife but also 2 ur fwens,family n thcrs..

I went skl late..however,ytd when I went 2 Living Cabin(2 buy Wei Ji's presents),I saw many high skl guys n girls were der..choosing presents 4 sum1 in their heart..da guys were funny..

Guy1:Wat shld I buy 4 her?
Guy2:Nvm..v hav many time 4 u 2 choose
Guy3:Jus buy a dog soft toy 4 her lar
Guy2:Ltr she say"U thnk I'm a dog ar?"'s jus a funny conversation I heard ytd..I didn't noe guys take a long n hard time 2 thnk wat 2 buy 4 a girl..Anyway,did u noe tt it's girls suppose 2 giv guys Valentine present..nt guy giving a girl..but cares now?Guys n girls r equal nw..

I'm actually expecting Valentine Day..y?nt bcoz I wanna receive presents but it's fun seeing othr receiving presents n hw guys look when they giv 2 a girl they like..I thnk many guys brought presents 4 skl tdy..lucky x spotcheck..I saw ppl giving da 1 I saw put lots of effort shld b Ren Hong..

He did "anyaman" last night for 6 hours..da "anyaman" he fold it in a box 2 put chocolates in..da chocolates look soooooo delicious!!It's x ordinary choco..It's branded n he told me it cost RM40+..Walao..I wonder hu he give class,he keep askin 4 glue..cellophane tape..
Finally he gave tt 2 Sarah sweet!He went down 2 prefect room 2 look 4 her right after recess,2nd period..Yea..da news spread like a virus..when he went down,da evry1 look frm upstairs..frm 5S5 til 5S7..da whole bar is full of support 2 Ren Hong..he actually liked her 4 5 years..but..u noe,sumtimes love can't force..he promised 2 like her 4 10 years..@_@

Anyway,did I mention I gt scold by thcr tdy?Yea..da prob is,der's too many students in our skl. so basically u nid 2 wait a vry vry long time 4 ur turn 2 use da toilet..So I gt in class late n moral thcr scold time bring us 2 dicipline room wor..=_=

Hehe..U dun nid a Valentine 2 celebrate Valentine Day..rmb tt..V gt our exam timetable tdy..exam postponed 2 29th n onli 5 days exam..ooooo..I'm loving it!!Ahh..tdy so darn freaking many hw..My hand didn't stop writting..So tired lar..I'm wondering..shld I drop EST?I mean year 2006,over 365 ppl,onli 42 ppl gt A1..dis proves hw hard izzit..but if I drop EST,I'm onli taking 9 subjects..walao..regret didn't take art!!

Oh yea,Kah Men n Sum Hooi,thanks 4 ur hugs,CJ n Chun Lim thanks 4 ur sweet msg,Aiyan,thanks 4 ur cookies(it's delicious!!),Tjia Hwei thanks 4 da teddy bear n my dear,thanks 4 evrything u did..I love you..

Happy Valentine Day evry1!!

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