~Valentine Tag~

February 12, 2008

Is valentine's day important to you?
-Yeap..U dun nid 2 hav gf or bf 2 celebrate!

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
-Too many..boyfriend gt Cj,Calvin..Girlfriend gt Kah Men,Sum Hooi,Lee Li

How long have you been in a relationship with him/her?

Do you have a crush?

What do you think of him/her?
-Who?so many ppl..

What is the best Valentine's Day Celebration have you ever had?
-I'm waiting..^^

What type of guy/girl you like?
-sweet,caring,not hot-tempered,patient

What is your perfect Valentine's day?
-spending time wit my loves

What do you want for your valentine's day?
-I nvr wish 4 anything 4 Valentine

Who do you wish to see on that day?
-You noe hu

Do you believe in TRUE LOVE?

Tag 6 person to answer this questions..
1.Kah Men
2.Sum Hooi
3.Shi Ning
4.CJ(y dun u hav a blog..I'll tag 100s' to you)
5.Tien Yi
6.Lee Young

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