Bye 1st Term Exam..

March 08, 2008


Exam is over!!!!but...if u thnk on the othr means 2nd term exam is next..=_=..btw,I noe u guys miss me..XD

seriously,wasn't reli happy even if exam over..dunno y..mayb cz I knew v'll get busier n many more things 2 SPM dis yr..can't do anything or play much..anyway,exam was like...S.H.I.T..LOL..basically I'm x sure how I did but hu's HOLIDAY ppl!!!

monkey drop by my hse 2 celebrate hol..=_=

So how do u guys gonna fill up ur hol time?err...4 me..well,sure gt go out n stuff but got chem project 2 2 moral project(but tt 1 vry fast onli)..AHHH..OMG..I jus remembered sumthing!!I'm having Undang exam on 10th March nt reli hol next exam..

went add math tuition at nite summore..was ok lar..den went supper in Old Town Kopitiam @ me..although da place was good n it's 24hours..dun go der..nt worth it..if u wanna go Old Town Kopitiam,go 2 Sri Petaling wan..

once reach der..
1st photo of my dad n bro dis yr
da honey lemon..wasn't tt great..
me oso..>.<

had shabu shabu 4 da 1st time(during exam period)..jus 2 go n try mar..nvr try nvr noe..^^

u wanna sum?
see wat?
i look so pale..of course..exam stress..

mayb they eat until vry happy..

my mom..=_=..always act cute..

tdy went Mv..nah..jus 2 buy stuff..but took dis photo^^..
da bear is bigger than me!!n omg..I look like small kid!

OH btw,I saw Hui Jing got in 12 finalist in Loreal Star Search Season 2..Hui Jing say:vote 4 me!

*shock*..I noe she won Ms Elianto join many competition..
when she's on
n finally won Ms Elianto..(crowned by Amber Chia!!)

Walao..once she graduate den she straight away join so many competition..pei fu her la wey..

oh yea,here's CHS Idol 2008's info..

28th March 2008 -solo for morning session
29th March 2008 -solo for afternoon session
4th April 2008 -group for morning session
5th April 2008 -group for afternoon session

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