I nid a break~

March 22, 2008

It's GOOD FRIDAY tdy..And..I was so confused whether shld I stil go choir practise tdy..Mayb I shld go..mayb I shld give choir anthr chance*I gave a lot*..well..I got woke up by a call frm Shi Ning..She asked me out 2 Red Box wit Chun Hui,Yee Sook n Wei Hong..I was thnking..aiyaa..ok lar..jus go nia..since I've nvr went out wit them b4..Btw,I noe Mon Wei went choir tdy..Calvin told me ytd..

Well..So I went 2 Shi Ning's hse n she fetch me frm der..I was late..n DAMN!I lost my slipper at her hse..Can't find bak T.T..Nvm..I'll buy anthr pair..So,Shi Ning n I reached Sunway b4 1.30pm..around 1 sumthing..n v straight away go sing k!!

1st time Shi Ning n I wear high heels 2 shop!
the othr 2 cute guys..
v both belum wake up..stil early =_=
but she damn fierce lar..moody lar..
yee sook!!!damn emotional tdy XD
I didn't wanna pose like dis =_=

So after karaoke,V wanna go bowling..but they're having sum event der..So couldn't bowl..V went pool instead..walau tt place..I can faint der..da smoking smell is so terrible..I got headache in der..dun wan go der anymore..scary n dark place..I rather go else where 2 pool..

Eh btw,U noe sunway pyramid skating ring?It turned out 2 b like dis...
scary rite?

So no skating till 5th of April..b patients my fellow fwens..Went 2 Sakae Sushi after pooling..Chun Hui went home too..1st time makan der..walau..da place damn nice..U order using com bside u..evry table has own com..
Me n Shi Ning
yee sook dun shy shy lar..
yee sook..dun act yeng lar u..XD
Yee Sook---Wei Hong
I will force u 2 take dis..WAKAKA
v eat dis much..red=RM5.90,pink=RM3.90,green=RM1.90

It was RM98.90 all tghr..Wei Hong pay half..den v divide agn among 3 of us..So each pay RM16.50..consider cheap rite?for such nice chun-ted place leh~

Time 2 go home at 7pm..
jus bored..
when will I reach home?

Pretty much like dis whole day...thanks 4 calling out,guys..I rather go out than attending choir..nid 2 4get abt choir..jus 4 a moment..jus..

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