Liki Learns To Drive!!(With a Van)

March 16, 2008

I'm now sweating like a pig..reason?..

LIKI jus DROVE a VAN(at 9.30pm)...*at nite!!*

Dun wry..I'm stil safe right now..I drove my whole family eh..

including Hippy..(Hippy were so sket when I drive)..

^^..After dinner,my elder bro was so eager 2 learn driving..So I jus learn oso lor..My dad teaches both of us..last time he used 2 teach my mom..

Anyway,1st he taught me 2 drive a small Atos 1st..It's auto..So quite easy..I was so elder bro pulak keep masuk oil sooo fast..summore x look left n right..=_=..

den,my dad say"It's time for Van"..OMG..I'm elder bro drove 1st..Waaa...da engine die 3-4 times..lucky me,my mom say I'm good 4 a beginner..da van engine die for once onli..1 time onli!!

Ahhh...I drive van o...Ooooo laaaaa laaaaa.....

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