SPM Results Day!!

March 12, 2008

Today is THE DAY for all ex-form 5...It's the SPM results day!!Y do I make it sound like I'm taking the results?..Haha..

On day way 2 skl,I took dis..I'm crazy..LOL..

Reach skl like damn early..10smthing am..Saw sooo many prefects n thcrs standing at da guard hse..They x allow students wit hair dyed n any1 wearing mini skirt/pants/sexy 2 enter da skl..Many were squarting at road side..

At 12pm,ppl gather in hall..collect their results..

in hall..
Koon Rui n me..
Ying Hui-me-Shi Ning
Jiunn Heng-me <3me..Kai Yi..

I miss all da ex-form 5...I feel so weird being da oldest in skl..T.T

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