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March 29, 2008

Anthr week is gone...Was vry frustrated wit myself..I did badly in exam..serious BAD..I dun thnk my average mark could even reach 65%..I might get almost last place in my class..

I get even more sad when ppl go around asking me"eh Liki,wat's ur purata?" "eh Liki,how much u score?" "eh Liki,how's result?" n so on..can u stop askin?does results reli matter?does it reli show how brilliant u r?..OR..sum ppl get high marks but stil complain n beg 4 marks..come on lar..u all r such a loser..
I couldn't control myself..I'm jus too...disappointed..Chun Hui n Boon Wei,sry 4 yelling at u guys..

But hey..I will do better in 2nd term exam n especially SPM trials n SPM..U'll c my results improve like rocket..BEWARE!!

Ytd,Jie Yi n Boon Wei almost 0.00000001cm...HAHA..

Oooooo btw!!5s5 n 5s6 guys..HAHA..I'm sure u guys awaiting da next PJPK lesson by Mr.Michael,Shi Ning,Hui Yi n Fiona is joining u guys!!HAHA...onli us 4..if any othr girl wanna join oso no us wat u got!!

Tdy,when v halfway having moral period,our thcr,Pn.Shan said she needs go 2 staff room 2 get our files..So while she's out,v promised 2 keep quiet..but..LOL..u noe lar..Suddenly,evry1 stand outside my class..I wonder wat happen so when 2 look too(busybody)..OMG..guess wat I saw?ular sawa yang besar..yea..da big big type of snake tt will TELAN u..den many thcrs were watching too..sum taking photos..our skl guard use a stick 2 get rid of da snake..den Lim Yoke Keng was like "balik kelas" *pointing at us*..n Pn.Shan came bak..

Pn.Shan:siapa suruh u org pergi luar tengok?
*look here n der*
Pn.Shan:siapa bagi tau ada ular di sana?
*look around agn*
Pn.Shan:Tan Boon wei ka?
Pn.Shan:tak pernah tengok ular?
5S5:tak.......... it's like tt..Btw,BM aural is sooo scary..Pn.Lim Ser Kien is our aural thcr..Scary-nye..(i thought Lim Ser Kien is a guy=_=)..

Tdy is also CHS IDOL audition for Category C(Form4-5 solo)..Da judges were Mon Wei n Mdm Yee/Wendy(either one)..Anyway..da contestant were well-behaved..n da AJK for CHS Idol were good..reli..U guys did a great job guys..^^

haiz..I'm afraid..afraid 2 make mistakes..
advise 2 myself:don't live in da past..move on..

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