Beauty Is Eternity Gazing At Itself In A Mirror

April 27, 2008

I went 2 Beauty Workshop organized by Laneige wit my mom,my aunty n my couz..Woke up damn early jus 2 attend da workshop..skipped dance class too~
Oh well..v were late n basically evry1 is waiting 4 us..damn pai seh..they started at 9,45pm(suppose 2 start at 9.30pm)..den they start 2 give talk abt Basic Skin Care & personal make up..teach us how 2 take care of our skin n make up as well..when make up..da lady say"hey..u got a nice skin der"..aww...I rmb I used 2 hav a face full wit pimples..dun blif?ask kah men,lily,Cj,..etc..
^^ n my mom..
me n my couz,Sze Von
my mom n i
make up lesson!!
me n my couz..
da friendly lady..
hu helped I dunno how 2 make up at all..
hey pretty ladies..
advertising Laneige..
me n couz..
look here!!
flashin lights..
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart.-Helen Keller-
retarded me..
tell u i?
retarded face..
charming smile..
Life is full of beauty..
Laneige not bad..
Love is much like a wild rose,beautiful n calm,but willing 2 draw blood in its defence..
kiss kiss~
da greatest treasures r those invisible 2 the eye but found by the heart..
Love of beauty is Taste..da creation of beauty is Art
u dun love a woman bcz she is beautiful,but she is beautiful bcz u love her

When shopping after tt..jus window shoppin..didn't buy much stuff..but got buy larr..
tryin on da dress my mom pick 4 me..
try 2 imitate but failed..=_=

I shall introduce a NEW doughnut shop 2 u''s NEW n not much ppl knew abt's delicious!!better than J Co..

dis is wat u do when u're HOT..
1st time c LiMo..
it wrote der Raja Muda Perlis..

Reached home..
drink vitagen..V is for Vitagen!!=_=

Wun b updating 4 quite sum time..gotto prepare for Sports Day as well as 2nd term exams..Wish me lots of lots of luck..n..dun miss me..XD

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