CHS Idol Semifinals + PC Fair

April 11, 2008

My leg is gonna break..non-stop walking for 6 hours..It all begin like dis..
notice da girls toilet sign >.<

Tdy is CHS Idol Semifinals n Hai Luo thcrs were da judges..They critics..Yeap..but in a vry nice way..Kah Yan n I was da 1st group 2 sing as she gotto leave by prefect camp at 2pm..

Da judges say my voice(pei ying)covered her voice(zhu ying)..n judges say they can c me singing as a group while Kah Yan were sorta afraid of me..Hmm..I eat her?LOL..anyway,wat's over is over..I thnk der's ntg 2 b afraid of n ntg 2 lose..If I didn't get in wat?I take it as my experience..
da amazing dancer n singer,Ben n me

Ahh..anyway,den went lunch(sorta)..wasn't hungry..n waiting 4 Zhi Shan cz he's taking my 2 PC abt dis..I feel kinda bad bcz he's been askin me out since last yr n I ffk him 3 times d..LOL..
dis is Zhi Shan

1st v took LRT frm Taman Jaya 2 Masjid Jamed..den went over 2 the othr station 2 buy tickets 2 Sri Petaling so went goin home time no nid 2 line up so long..Zhi Shan almost got hit by a motorcycle..he could DIE..gosh..careful lar wey..den walk bak 2 Masjis Jamed n took LRT 2 KLCC..Ahh..long way..den went go bak,v took LRT frm KLCC bak 2 Masjis Jamed n went over the othr station n take LRT bak 2 Sri Petaling..long leg is breaking soon..
looking up
Oh gosh..I'm so selfish..T.T
n finally reached..
I didn't noe u were quite a good photographer..

der's ntg much in PC Fair actually..I'm lookin for MP3 n pendrive..n I'm goin agn tml(mayb) n sun(confirmed goin)..=_=..I thought I might meet sum1 I noe..Suddenly I saw Guan Ming..he's working der..n Jovan too!!COOL..I found tt Jovan is a vry nice guy..He's currently working..err..dunno wat..but..
he's da Project Director of YEN org..(
Jovan gave me da balloons..XD
dis mini laptop tt make Zhi Shan goes crazy..
PC Fair..
quite crowded..

damn tired leg gonna break!!

-stole sum pics frm Zhi Shan-

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