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April 21, 2008

I'm sry 4 not updating so long..XD..Bak 2 Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 2 days ago..Sneaked out 4 3-4hours..didn't get caught..Awww..I pity Kai Lin 2 walk around wit me whle day..Thanks girl..
Ying Hui,I still thnks I look blur..XD
in da hall

Sry Jiunn Heng,bcz of me,u missed Zu Lynn's n Kai Yi's performance..Basically,I wasn't in da hall at all..Urgh..missed Yee Sook's group performance..heard it was great..nvm,Tchr's day I will watch..Promise!

Chopped my hair..2 inch..no difference=_=

Thanks 2 Chuan Yang 4 helping me out last nite..XD..hey!!I didn't realise it was 1am larr..But u noe wat?Michael didn't came in our class..so glad!!!!I didn't finish the othr assignment~till now..HAHA..Tt's da HAPPIEST news I heard dis morning..gahh..No Michael..wun b seeing him dis whle week cz wed(guys PJPK),v r goin 4 sum talk..OMG..our class achieved 654kg of newspaper while 5S1 shot up 2 504kg..5S5..GAMBATEH!!!

I'm gonna talk abt Michael tdy..He crap a lot..he talk crap..his mind oso crap..evrything crap..I rmb when da 1st day he came in my class for EST,he talks abt ppl having sex in outerspace..WTH?tt's da 1st thing he talks abt.."u shld b more open in dis kinda stuff"..uh-huh.."dis kinda stuff"..So sad tt he doesn't noe nobody trust him..he brag a lot..I mean A LOT!he said"If my wife dun read newspaper for a day,I'll divorce her"...wat's wrong wit him lar?He married his wife for materials?not love..I will rather kill myself if I had Michael as my bf..which is like 110% sooooo NOT gonna happen..

He always talks abt how Malaysian is pampered n stuff..Tdy..when I was dutying in da library..Suddenly..(i heard ppl crying)..*looking..*...Oh,tt's Michael's son..he calling 4 his dad(his dad is in da library)..y he's crying?den when Michael walks out,Michael's son SHOUT n SCREAM like a baby..oh gosh..i dun rmb me crying like tt when I was young..Mayb i do..hmmm..but oh..u noe outside library,v can c outside n outside can't c inside..so..those genius went 2 record(video) summore..Vi Yuen was so angry..OOpPsS..den..Michael even came in da library when othr librarians stil staring outside..gosh..they were shocked..Luckily I was at da counter wit Kong Weng n Dan Shiow..Dan Shiow told me his son got lot's of attitude prob..He even spitted on sum guy's face..Eww...it reflects on how Michael b a dad..I'm SURE he's not a good dad,husband,boyfriend or even lover..EWwW..

It sucks 2 b his wife..He left his wife in da library waiting 4 him while he already left da library..

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