I Knew It!

April 08, 2008

As usual,evry yr,CHS Editorial Board will organized a Student's Choice Award..Sumhow I dun thnk dis is true bcz normally ppl hu got these awards is jus bcz their famous..So normally S class ppl will win..(I dun mean P class no famous ppl)..

Anyway,these r da awards dis year:
1.The Brain-the name that recurs at the top of evry list term after term after term
2.The Creative Artistic Soul-the person tt makes ur own amateur drawings look like stick ppl
3.The Optimist-the one most likely to be heard whistling "don't wry be happy" when the report card is due
4.The Free Spirit-most likely to be heard singing loudly and off tune in class//sticks and stones may break their bones,but cages can nvr confine them
5.The Outstanding Sportsperson-not only has a trophy-stuffed cabinet,but also an envy-worthy physique
6.The Good Samaritan-always willing to help that aunty totter across the road
7.The Court Joker-the walking comedy tt we can't survive without
8.The Socialite-evryone's best fwen
9.The Motivational Speaker-they always know jus the right thing to say to you to get u ur SPIRIT back
10.The Environmentalist-a.k.a the anti-plasticbag-ist
11.The Most Likely To Succeed In Life-somehow you know,you JUST know u're goin 2 c their faces spread over the tabloids one day
12.The Walking Dictionary-knows the meaning of evry word u throw at him/her

well..I thnk they've added sum award compared 2 last year..for my class..I thnk it's quite unfair cz they actually repeat da same ppl in different award..I heard othr classes were not allowed 2 repeat names..

Hmm..I asked Shi Ning if she were supposed 2 award me any of those above,wat she'd choose?HAHA..I've know da answer oledi..She say I'll award be THE SOCIALITE award..den I asked Derrick..in his opinion,he would award me THE OPTIMIST*I dun know why*..n my dear Lee Li would award me THE CREATIVE ARTISTIC SOUL..*woah*

Wat would u award me?(dun say ntg =_=)

During assembly in da morning,da prefect were actually giving speech abt our hair wit sum manila card tt shows wat hairstyle is NOT allowed in skl..I didn't noe girl can't hav bob cut..I mean like..it's short rite?n guys were not allowed 2 cut hair vry short like monk..dis reminds me of last yr,Wei Xiang all went 2 cut bold(half)..but hey..it's x allowed anymore..WHY?!Even NS make it compulsory 4 tt!

Hippy went 4 surgery tdy..erm..cz..arr..NVM..n now he's soo tired n sleepy..my poor darling..Dun cry k?evrything's gonna be alright..
my poor baby..
notice his leg..hurt..
innocent n sad face..
it must hav hurt..
Hippy's blood on my bed..


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