April 15, 2008

In CHS tradition,ppl usually sing vry softly or didn't even open their mouth 2 sing during assembly..Tdy is a miracle..well..evry1 was so afraid 2 sing da national n skl anthems 2nd time(cz last week Lim Yoke Kengwarned us)So..I was SHOCKED when evry1(at least more than usual)were actually singing it loud n proud..1st time of my 5 years in CHS ever Ive heard such "semangat" during assembly..I mean reli..It's loud,proud n ..N when Li Shawn went up 2 get prize..Ppl like Wei Kuang stand up n cheer..Most funny thing is,Mr.Lien n Lim Yoke Keng didn't even realise they stand up..=_=

Da prefects were getting so stricts..especially wit hair..U can't even open a book in assembly..or u'll b found standing sumwhere..N they all look so tired n lifeless..They jus came bak frm camp ytd..

Anyway,WOOO-HOOOOOO..Kah Yan n I got in FINALS for CHS IDOL!!Unbelievable!!der's 8 groups left..v were 1 of da 8!!WOOOO-HOOOO...

OMG..Prom ticket is RM125(CHS-ians) n RM135(non-CHS-ians)..gosh..I might reconsider wanna go a x..I'm BROKE!!unless sum1 would offer 2 pay 4 me XD..

No 10th period n ponteng LPS duty tdy..lalala~~

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