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April 06, 2008

8 Facts bout me?

1.hmmm..too worried abt study till can't study
2.quit gimrama for 5 years bcz got my leg hurt 5 yrs ago when training for competition
3.quit piano for 4 years bcz prefer 2 learn myself n choose my own piece
4.I dun hav a close close gf..(if u noe wat i mean)
5.I envy lots of lots of ppl..
6.mood swing when I'm stressed
7.I love night life
8.I dun like being forced n love freedom(A LOT)

List down 8 things You hate the most n u like the most in ur life...4:4....and MUS tagged another 8 fellas!!

I hate:

I like

I've tagged:
2.Kah Men
3.Shi Ning
6.Choon Lim(Bobo)
8.Ying Hui

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