Worked hard 4 NOTHING

April 26, 2008

Ytd nite,after tuition at 10pm,I actually went 2 my mom's fwen hse,my tuition thcr's hse n my fwen's hse(Lee Li) 2 get those newspapers..reached home abt 11sumthing pm n search 4 books n papers whole hse..Tml,Jie Yi n I gonna drive in skl 2 bring those newspapers..dis is wat i got..
and dis..
and papers..

I woke up xtra early tdy cz v promised 2 meet in skl 7.10am n once I reached der,I saw our class guys were standing in front of LM room..lined funny tt time..oh well..der's 5 ppl drove in skl,Jie Yi,Me,Xian Tze,Chun Wai n Eng Yuan..Xian Tze came in skl twice ytd..n da WHOLE PBSM room were all his newspaper..OH well..3A2 were damn cin all details in our class blog..At least I thnk 5S1 is much more better than them..V thought 5S1 were our opponent but v realise,our REAL opponent were 3A2..they challenged us..Cum on lar..u stil gt 2 yrs 2 go..V last yr d..

Even after skl,v worked hard..

Group 1: Edmund and Joseph.

Group 2: Zhen Yoong, Chan Yip and Jun Mun(went home on the way due to something)

Group 3: Chun Hui, Jia Jian and Ren Hong

Group 4:Shi Ning and Liki

Group 1-3 went out skl n Group 4 were in da skl..n frm wat Chun Hui describe wat they did outside,I find it funny n our class reli got da semangat..
Anyway,I'm reli proud of our class..5S5 roxx..must reli go visit our class blog 2 read up abt da whole story..n thnk abt whether wanna make complain towards da LAS a's not bcz v kia su..when u say 2pm means 2pm close..y the hell 3A2 can bring newspaper till 3.30pm???Thcrs' shld b da role model..2pm means 2pm..dun break a promise u make..It's totally unfair..n I'm sry 2 announced tt..5S5 lost adi..V lead da whole skl for newspaper more than a week but lost 45mins AFTER da competition ends..btw,Yi Chin,I'm a girl ok..=_=

Went home quite late..woke up n straight went 2 Lee Kheng(Lee Li's sis)'s farewell party..she's goin 2 India 2 study dentistry..
leng lui Ee Leng n me..
i knew her 2 yrs ago..
Lily-Liki-Ee Leng
Charlie's Angel~
Liki-Lee Kheng-Ee Leng..
hey..dun get an indian boyf ya!
sweet smile..
my darling Lily..
isn't she jus sweet?
Joyce..studyin peforming arts in The One Academy
thank u 4 inviting me..
u serious lesbo!!!look at my-so-reluctant-face..
stil love u though..XD
Lily's sexy lips..pouching..
me-Crystal-Lee Yin
i wan 2 eat!!
I suppose dis is our 1st photo thgr..
our sexy legs..
silly us..
she's jus loving it
muaxx muaxx..
I love chatting wit u...
n joking wit u..
laugh tghr..
i guess u're jus 1 of a kind..XD
go silly wit me..
act wit me..
fight da same thing wit me..
kena bully by Lily's bro..
I look so horny..
i cnt sleep in such messy room,Lily..
ur white board damn cute la wey..
n u draw ur physics tchr like dis??=_=
fwens 4vr..
love ya always!!

5 years n still counting~^^

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