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May 13, 2008

I skipped skl tdy bcz I went 2 da doc 4 "small surgery"..I was so sket bcz der's a bump sumwhere near my wrist..da bump can change size frm day 2 day n it is usually most obvious when I bent my hand..however,it disappeared when i straighten my hand..A sonogram can confirm da diagnosis as well as identify its exact location and define its volume.Therefore,da presence of popliteal cyst shld alert da doc 2 da possible presence of a torn cartilage,arthritis or othr "intra-articular" pathology.

Da inner aspect of membrane is called da synovium.Da synovium has a num of functions,includin tt of secreting a small amt of fluid tt lubricates n nourishes da joint.Dis fluid is called synovial fluid..
dis is wat doc did 2 me tdy..

How does it happen?When the joint is irritated or traumatized,the synovium will often respond by secreting an abnormally large amt of fluid.Dis fluid wil occasionally make it's way thru da weakest part of capsule n dis leads 2 da formation of a so-called cyst..

well,Skipped skl is FUN n i rather stay at home 2 prepare 4 exams than goin 2 skl..well..I heard tt when 3A2 was announced as WINNER 4 da newspaper thingy,evry1 "BOOO" dem..padan muka!n my class open hamper tdy..T.T..wasn't der..nvm lar..Shi Ning kept snacks 4 me..^^

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