Choir Camp(2 days 1 night)

May 11, 2008

Was so excited abt da choir camp..woo-hoo..yea..injured myself..thanks 4 caring,ppl..went bak home after choir practise 2 pack,bath n took nap..Once reach der..saw sooo many luggage n stuff on da floor..evry1 was so excited..da afternoon sessions were a lil tired after skl..but dun wry kay?V'll take care of ya..
same ppl + Sin Chien

1st game were d Ice Breaker..V have 2 use our lips hold da card n pass it 2 da person next 2 u..OooooOooo...On my left was Shawn n on my right was Jie Min..Many ppl cheated..use hand..LOL..I'm 1 of them..XD..Jie Min...My kisssss.....T.T...

After tt,it's dinner time!!ooo yea..da food was prepared by Juliana..Fried rice..yummy yum!!

After evry filled up their tummy,v gotto lined up at da choir stairs..waiting 2 get in da choir room 4 "Prison Break"..While waiting..v sang "London Bridge","Twinkle Twinkle Star"..XD..I started it..den Cj follows n so does evry1..XD..da "Prison Break" was sooooo was reliii does it goes?err...well..they tied up a rafia string at 1 corner till da othr corner..n der's a small hole der..with keys around..V r da prisoners have 2 get out frm der by da hav 2 carry evry1 over da small hole..I was da 2nd person 2 get thru tt small last,left Jia Heng n Chia Feng..they couldn't get out..basically tt's da plan..last 2 person cnt LEARNT:Dun b SELFISH n APPRECIATE ppl's effort..
Calvin..wanna curi tengok Raymond taking bath..

Next,it was dancing time!!!evry1 supposed 2 step on da ground n dance anyhow u want..Jie Min,Raymond,Yi Ming n Wei San were under da spotlight..they were good!!!XD..sum ppl didn't enjoyed they x like dancing..hmmm..

After dancing,evry1 bath n went 2 bed..while AJKs' secretly plan OBH-runs at 4am..N b4 tt,they took evry1's handphones n they wun realise wat time izzit..those hu stayed up late..talkin abt ghost story..HAHA..they were so sket during OBH..OBH=Operasi Burung Hantu..b4 tt,v did morning exercise..running in padang..=_=..OBH,where evry1 was divided in2 groups n given passwords..den after tt,blind folded n sit in a place where dey dunno..oh my..AJKs' start scaring them.."haaaa....","passssssword",*sum sound effect*..LOL..i was laughin der..n fell asleep..XD..I recognized it was Tik Lam n Yik Luei around..Juliana was so cute..when ppl touch her,she say"SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS,HELP..SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS,HELP.."XD..evry1's mouth v didn't brush our teeth..

I didn't reli enjoy OBH bcz:
1)i can't stand without brushin my teeth 2)sleepy 3)i wanna pee! 4)thirsty

when bak 2 choir camp n evry was like sum went bed..Meu Ye n Yik Luei

Tik Lam n I went 4 morning walk n helped Juliana 4 breakfast.. saw Sum Hooi..XD..

At 8am,went bak 2 choir room 4 masterclass/creative singing by Ms Fun n Ms Suzanna Saw..OMG..both of theme were so GOOD..V enjoyed sooo much^^..

Lesson Learnt:Girls=Sweethearts,Guys=Darlings..n Chau Fan(Fried rice)

12pm,v went 2 Kanna Curry House for lunch..6 tables all tghr..1st time^^
spot me!

went bak skl for Teambuildings Games..It was..i dunno..i was too tired n fell asleep..Sry Xin Yi..>.<.. Kheng Hoe slept longer than me..=_=

When I woke up..they were skipping i jus joined it was L.A.M.E session..HAHA..bcz it supposed 2 b Treasure Hunt time but sum prob Ye n I gotto cheer up evry1..Tik Lam went down-syndrome..turning 2 a funny lar tt time..Lesson learnt:LiKee=Lame Queen XD
catch uuuu...Shawn..
E.M.O gang..
can't stop laughing when saw damn REAL!!
avoid boredom..
IQ session turned into L.A.M.E session..

Til dinner was free ice-cream by canteen workers..awww..thank u..

Den,Treasure Hunt!!Cj in-charge of it..n v were divided in2 4 groups was wonder Cj insisted me 2 play instead of helpin him..Thank u soo much CJ T.T..for helping my team..My team won 2nd place n da "MOST SEMANGAT" team..^^

Lastly,b4 evrything ends,it was Pillow Talk..I suggested dis programmed..hosted by Meu Ye n Yik Luei..short speeches by sum commitees..showing pics taken during da camp..givin out prizes for winners(Treasure Hunt)..
all da AJKs..
weee...i look so short..XD..
hi Yi Ming!
write ur bad stuff in yellow paper n good stuff in orange paper..tear yellow paper n throw in rubbish bin,orange paper put in a bucket..N..birthday cake 2 Yi Ming..Happy Birthday~~..
haha..mama damn funny..mama won 1st for Treasure hunt!papa won 2nd place..+ most semangat prize!
Ee Zhen's msg..

evry1 went home wit a small gift,group pics of da WHOLE choir ppl tt went da camp soo much..Mama(Sook Ann),all commitees n those hu participated..LOVE U GUYS!!!

-The End-

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