Choir Competition

May 21, 2008

Tdy choir competition's held in Sri Aman Girls' Skl..V gathered in choir room at get prepared..make up n stuff..
Calvin ..couldn't go competition cz mom x allow..
Ying Ying..
ooo my msg..
Liki..Cj..Jin Yee..Jie Min..
Wei Lon n Liki..

Me,Meu Ye & Dan Shiow make up 4 da girls..N guys I'm x quite sure hu make up 4 them..Suddenly when I make up-ing 1 girl,Cj ran 2 me and..

Cj:Ur noob Heng is here
Liki:harr?*couldn't hear*
Cj:HELLO JIUNN HENG*shouting bside my ears*
Cj:omg..ur noob heng damn lan ci larr..
b4 leaving..
in da bus..
Kheng Hoe..pianist..
evelyn..sweet voice..
n bak 2 us..

Oh well..V left skl at 7.30am..n went Sri Aman Girls' Skl 2 register..and,v're like da 3rd team 2 reach tt skl..V were so nervous abt da competition..all of us were vry kia su n v didn't wanna lose at Zone level..
addicted 2 taking photo..
serious + silly..

V were pressured..tense..n nervous..So..Tik Lam make us close our eyes..imagine sumthing in ur brain..V sang "Dirgahayu Oh Tanah Airku" and "The Prayers"..have 2 imagine..put ur heart n soul in it..Oh,I saw Tengku Sheril Amirah-my primary skl mate..oh well,I didn't say HI 2 her though..she wouldn't recognise me..i guess..

Finally,it's our turn 2 b on stage..V were da 6th n da last group 2 compete..*and I thnk v did vry well*
Kai Yi n me..
HAHA..tryin 2 act close fwen wit Yik Luei..
har?announce result?

After waited 4 a few mins,it's time 2 announce da winner..*all holding hands & pray,it's our tradition=)*

3rd:SMK Damansara Jaya
2nd:SMK BU4
-no comment-
Kheng Hoe-pianist,n me..

WEEEEEEEEEE........WOOOOOOOOOOO.....*jumping* *hugging*
-omg,v are SMJK Katholik lar..dun fool us agn..last yr they fooled us cz v were da ONLY SMJK skl..-nvm lar..I 4giv u..-

After announcing da results..v went bak 2 skl..up 2 da bus..
Chen Foong's shirt..

Pn.Yap belanja us makan Domino pizza & free food makan summore,thank u Pn.Yap..

makan puas-puas..
Yik Luei drinking n Kheng Hoe came..
-fill in da blanks-
definately..thanks Raymond 4 snapping I wun missed out..It must b Tik Lam's happiest day..=)
#1 Yoon Leen n Liki..
#2 Yoon Leen n Liki
the twins...I'm sooo proud I noe how 2 differentiate u both..
Jing Yee..pretty girl ^^
dun get jealous..

Went home at 1.30pm..I'm so proud of Choir..4yrs of District hard 4 next round on the 12th June 2008..JIA YOU!!!

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