May 09, 2008

Tdy was da CHS Idol Grand Finale...and also Rocket Launching in my skl..
HAHA..I was too nervous abt da Chs Idol so when out n practise formation n singing wit Kah Yan for like..2 hours?Den watch rocket launching wit Fiona,Wei Chuen,Jie Yi n Choon Lim..OMG,Fiona is da MOST SICK girls I ever noe in my LIFE...U r soooooooooo SICK!!!!haha..u make me keep laughin even after skl finishes..
Kah Yan n Liki
Kah Yan n Liki

Der r sooo many audience in da hall..filled up da WHOLE hall..
I'm sooooo touched when I saw dis..Chin Ming sms evry1 2 watch me sing..Kah Men designed banner 4 me..Kah Men..TQ so much..I'm so lucky 2 hav sooo many fwens supportin me tdy..I love u all..Thank u!!Thank u!!
on stage..

Evry1 was wonderin wat song v sing..Kah Yan n I actually kept in secret cz it was suppose 2 b surprise..sumhow ppl finds out d..but it's stil surprise 2 audience lar..V sang "Lemon Tree"..chinese version + english version was tired after singin..Kah Yan,u were good great up der..

click 2 listen..8sec onli..Thanks 4 B*TCH..

Anyway..didn't reli get 2 upload our performance bcz of sum B*TCH(Chs Idol commitee) is so darn rude 2 my mom..n fwens..bcz she thought my mom was a student..but even if she's a student,u shld say it nicely.."Pls dun use ur cam"..NOT "OIII...I ASK U DUN USE CAMERA" while usin her hand coverin da lens n shakin ur cam..B*TCH..4give me if I'm rude..I was kinda disappointed tt choir members were like tt..

"What got into my nerve is the attitude of those people on duty there! There are two incidents which made me real angry.

Incident 1: There is no rule, nor announcement that there should be no photography while the competition is on. THOSE people on duty, which i will quote them as Choir Club Members **Disgracing** stop students from taking photographs. No announcements, yet you are stopping people. The main point is, THEY ARE SO IMPOLITE! Rather than asking people to keep their cameras politely like : Would You mind please keep your camera? they did this : KEEP YOUR CAMERA!. Later, Li Kee's mother continued recording, the CHOIR CLUB MEMBER pushed the camera away? I was wondering, did she knows what is manner and RESPECT? Disgracing!

Incident 2: Almost 3 pm, I went into the hall just before a contestant started singing to look for my brother. And I'm In a rush! Bloody, By the time I found my brother, the contestant started singing. Gosh, I need to go out. I said politely, can I go out, I'm in a rush. Those bloody CHS CHOIR MEMBER thinks they are Hell smart, not even a sorry, just said : No. Then i asked why it is this case, they replied : WE HAVE TO RESPECT THE PARTICIPANTS. I was like. Die lah. Argue and argue, I dont want to argue anymore, wasting my time and energy. They dont even give a due respect to themself, vulgar words from their mouths, do this call respect? They dont respect themself, they are also not respecting the listeners. How come Catholic High School Petaling Jaya can produce such students. ? What a DISGRACE.

End Note : Before this event, I looked highly on CHS Choir Club. They are the one that bring the school to greater heights, but sadly to say, I no longer look highly on choir club anymore. They have bad attitudes.

-Signing off with anger."
-Copied frm Choon Lim's blog-

I agreed wit u..She's reli got in 2 my nerve..a word "SORRY" 2 solve all dis?NO WAY!!n sum corrections,onli a few of dem like tt..onli all wit bad attitudes k?=)..I STILL BU SHUANG HERRRRRRRR...B*TCH...summore call herself Ketua Disiplin of Chs Idol..yea rite..S.H.I.T..Kah Men's blog wrote abt it too..B*TCH,u're soooo UNFORGIVETABLE..u r da topic in evry1's blog now..CONGRATz(sarcarstic)..

Kah Yan,thanks 4 accompanying me throughout da whole process..startin wit audition..when v were so..funny? was fun 2 sing wit u..^^

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