Hippy says..

May 20, 2008

HIIIII...Currently I will b takin over dis blog bcz my owner is having Midterm exam..I accompany her 2 study evryday..n weeee~~..I'll fall asleep..I'm feeling silly bcz I dun understand a single word she's studying..wat 2,3 dimethybut-1-ene??*blur*..I look at my dear Liki ..trying 2 understand wat she's sayin..her eyes now r darker than pandas..my dear Liki..dun sleep so late ya..I noe u're burning midnight oil..but take care of ur health ok?
Hippy will b here supporting u...while u're studyin,I'll b guarding dis Teddy so u wun even thnk of huggin it when u're studying..cz u're suppose 2 study..stop hugging tt TEDDY!!..hug Hippy is better!
Good Job darling! You may go & continue ur study..I'm going get a quick snooze right before dinner..


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