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May 31, 2008

Tdy choir practise is rather interesting..was absent ytd cz having my add math exam..n dentist appointment in da morning..
As usual..choir practise frm 9am-4pm in da morning..Once I reached choir room..suddenly,I saw a big giant guy..wearing cap..wit da "LAME" word on his black shirt..oh yea..looking at him's JIMMY..WTH is he doin der? offence..XD..v welcome any seniors 2 cum bak n visit us k?Jus like 2 tease u..cnt meh?I didn't do it myself ok?..Yik Luei n I teased him whole morning..Tik Lam was late so v were teasing Jimmy till practise start..XD..

Tik Lam divided us into 2 groups n form mini choir..v're given 15mins 2 practise b4 v perform..having own conductor n pianist..for da 2nd change of group,I was da conductor..OOoooOoo..Miaw Fen say"u're like Mon Wei"..=_=..Jin Yee say "U're good..(XD)..U handle guys n girls vry well..da choir member oso trust u a lot..although Yoon Leen gave da tempo was out a bit.."(nah..Yoon Leen,u did great..dun wry k?V nvr blame u)..n Tik Lam say"reli good..for da 1st time"..*clap*..XP

weee...after tt,Heng Bong(papa)drove 15 of us(squeezing in da car) 2 A&W..walao..I can tel u,15 of us squeezing inside..v were having fun..n Heng Bong jus gt his license,so..he was sweating all da way der..I was givin him directions cz he dunno da way..As soon as v reach der,quickly ordered food n eat..After eating,Heng Bong say"Liki,u sit in front u can direct me =)"..goin bak wasn't as much ppl as goin der cz sum ppl went Jimmy's car dis time..

Tik Lam went home early cz he gt performance..while me,Miaw Fen,Dan Shiow,Jin Yee,n Nian Xin decide on da movement when singing "_____"..secret unrevealed til competition day =)

rest well choir members..Mon continue practise..btw,dis is my 100 post..i'm faster than u,Shi Ning XD

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