It Takes A Long Time 2 Grow An Old Fwen..

May 28, 2008

Indeed..I've known Lee Li since tuition..
Thcr:ok..u both do da paper..(paper she gave 2 do)
*Liki & Lily stunt*
*thcr went out*
Lily:do u noe how 2 do?
Lily:I oso dunno..xD
a short conversation bloom a close friendship..ever since den..V've been close..n oh's oledi 5 yrs!!she's jus so nice n u,Lily..xD
As usual,during hol,Lily n I wil hang out tghr,,2 meet each othr..v both stopped da same tuition same time..n went 4 same tuition 4 physics n chem but I stopped too..she stil continue wit da tuition anyway..Lily came 2 my hse at 9am tdy..
lil Hippy bitting my spongebob..

V normally camwhore b4 goin SP..but dunno tdy y v both x photogenic..lolx..wonder y..I noe I slept late last nite so my eyes like panda..haha..
-not photogenic tdy-
nidda warm up..

I called my mom n v went SP around 11am..Lily say:Let me in-charge of ur cam^^..n I told her"u practise ur camwhore skill 1st lar..tdy v both sucks..lolx.."

da effect..

Lily n I both haven't took our breakfast..n her stomach is v headed off 2 Gasonline 2 eat..
da menu..

I love da place environment..but I dun reli like da's quite pricey..Lily n I went der jus for appetizer..
u gotto take off ur shoe n sit inside..table for 2?^^
n it's dark in here...
so romantic eh?
ur ass sit on it..
order food lor..
faster makan lar..

Pic in da toilet is a must..haha..well,SP toilet is nice..can't resist it..xD..
in da toilet..
wait..I'm x prepared..
I dun care..wee..
Life's a bitch..u've got 2 go out n kick ass
A girl shld b 2 things:classy & fabulous..
Girls they love 4 wat v r..
lil girls r da nicest things tt happen 2 ppl..
girls r like apples..u noe y?figure out..
silly Lily..
a beautiful girl can make u dizzy..feelin dizzy?xD..
der r so many girls..n so few princes..'ll nvr noe wat they're goin 2 think
der r x gud girls gone wrong..jus bad girls found out..

V shop around Lily haven't been 2 SP for decades..b4 it was renovated..I came here not long place okie lar..while v walkin,v saw 2 of sum food programme doin advertisement der..Lily n I they looked stupid..but I told her,introducing food programme must like tt wan mar..but da 2 guy host,I've nvr seen them b4..wonder wat food programme they r frm..

Anyway,v went 2 Ichiban Ramen 2 makan cz Lily's stil not do I..I saw Su Chyi(ex-senior-choir member)der..but didn't say HI..sket..she's wit a bunch of her fwens..

Lily n I went for movie at 2pm..V watched"What Happen In Vegas" funny..Lily n I laughed non-stop frm da beginning til da end..It's romantic as well =)..1 thing tt I'm curious high up..

Y evrytime I watch movie wit Lily..sure der's sum weird things happen?Like last time,I went movie wit her,der's sum silly guy dance along wit da show..anthr time where guard came in n halau sum ppl out..n now,der's ppl screaming n clapping when Ashton Kutcher kissed Cameron Diaz?weird..onli these unordinary stuff happens when I go movie wit Lily..onli her..n vice versa..
So after movie..V went da voodoo dolls der..each of them gt special meaning..but I didn't buy any..spend too much tdy..=_=..bought marshmallows n sweets frm der..weee..Lily loves marshmallow..u noe wat?I hate marshmallow..I dun understand y ppl love it..haha..
nice package..
our shoes..
silly me..
lil girl:ahhh?
Liki:yes?u wan da sweets izzit?
dun wry..not molesting her..
Lily's cute bag..

After tt,went McD 2 grab food 4 I've gotto rush home 4 tuition at 7.30pm,saw Ren Hong der..fuiyoh,he say tt line in 4 sec n got da Big Mac..lolx..anyway,after tt went home lu..
Ren Hong n Liki..
last photo of da day..

great day tdy 2 hang out wit ya..can't wait 4 da next outting..xD

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