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May 18, 2008

Ytd was Thcr's Day..suppose 2 perform but too much performance n they can't slot me in!!It was oso Ms Lum retirement day..weee..V oledi celebrated 4 her da day b4 ytd..wit flower n stuff..for more info abt Ms Lum retirement in 5S5,visit wit Kah Men whole day..(almost)..Quite boring whole day ler..I enjoyed Yee Sook's performance though..HAHA..they were so cool..But u guys can do better..XD
Yee Sook & gang..

Choir practise frm 8am-4pm long..1st V did morning exercise..den sum singin technique..After practising for 2-3hours,a few of us went 2 the canteen 2 makan(Yik Luei bought 4 us-those hu x take breakfast)...weeeeeee...Suddenly,I saw Jiunn Heng..*shocked*..he lagi shocked-I thnk-..XD..I say hi n he x choi me..I dun wan fwen u d..den he continue chat wit so many ppl n stil x wan say hi 2 me..=_=..NOOB
1st photo of da day..^^
Dan Shiow-me-Joey
See Mun..u stil haven't wake up ar?XD..
Dan Shiow n Liki^^
Jing Yee..pretty girl..
Both of them so cute wey..
Gwyneth..cute girl..seriously cute..^^
Meu Ye & Liki..
Meu Ye so lucky horr..

Gahh..den continue practise til lunch n went SP wit Jiunn Heng..XD..

I'm so tired..but gotto study bcz exam is around the corner..Oh nooooo..I jus rmb I brought camera..y didn't i take photo wit u..T.T..

There must b a reason why I love 2 hang out wit u

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