Merah Celebration No.2 @ Sean Paul's Hse

May 25, 2008

1st party 2 celebrate holidays..XD..not exactly..It was Merah celebration for da 2nd time at Sean Paul's usual..When I came bak home after goin his hse,I'll b sayin dis 2 my mom"Sean Paul's hse toilet is onli a lil smaller exactly da same size as my room.."He's hse is SUPERB BiGGgg..those hu went b4,u shld noe how big izzit..

So,*ahem*..da party starts at 2pm til 9pm(suppose 2 end)..I went der at 8pm..n left at 12.45am..well..I'm nt exactly da last 2 leave..der r stil ppl der..da guys were drinking..n drunk..girls having fun..sum playin snooker..n f4 group were out der talkin abt ghost story in da scenary..
our merah captain..
playing snooker..
those tt went..
beware of da bulls...
carry captain up..
den throw him down..weeee~~~
tt sean paul mus b smilling happily der..=_=..
the girls..
Captain n his wife..
playing poker cards..
I dunno abt dis 2..

The guys took photo more than girls..damn zhi lian man..dun blif?see 4 urself..
cum babeh..
notice da 2 guys at da back:Benjamin & Wei Hong..
lala pose no.1
lala pose no.2
lala pose no.3
lala pose no.4
lala pose no.5
lala pose no.6
lala pose no.7
lala pose no.8
lala pose no.9
lala pose no.10

I told u..they more pro than me..

having fun..singing karaoke..
Shu Min:Dun take!!
errr...I didn't stalk wasn't wit me..
look how high Sean Paul is..
den Shu Min oso went high..

sneak preview of them singin...XD
Ying Yi,Kah Hei,Liki,Wai Kit..

At around 11pm,Kah Hei,me n Wai Kit took over da whole karaoke session till I went home..
dun try 2 take away our mic..kill u..

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