World's Asthma Day

May 07, 2008

Hey ppl,tdy is da World's Asthma Day..

World Asthma Day is organized by da Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) in collaboration wif health care groups n asthma educators 2 raise awareness abt asthma n improve asthma care throughout da world..

Dis year’s event wil continue da focus on da positive theme introduced 4 WAD 2007, “You Can Control Your Asthma.” Dis theme is consistent wif da emphasis on asthma control set out in da latest versions of da GINA guideline documents,n will help to spread da word tt asthma control is da goal of treatment n can be achieved in da vast majority of asthma patients wif proper management..

Currently,The WAD Jogathon will b held annually 2 educate da public on asthma management n 2 encourage asthma patients 2 live life to da fullest. The jogathon is open for the public n registration is free.It will b held on Sun 11 May 2008, at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur, from 7.30am to 11.30am.MUST suppport ya..

Btw,Happy Belated Bday 2 my kai gor,Chuah Ren Hong^^(5 May)

I'm so happy tt many ppl didn't look down on MERAH dis yr..thank u..
omg..I can't blif I did dis in Sports Centre(Friday nite when overnite in skl 4 sports preparation)

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