Choir Practise

June 07, 2008

Anthr special practise Me,CJ,Miaw Fen and Kai Yi..Tik Lam absent cz he got his stuff 2 do..

So..I came late..yea..not tt late..half an hour?XD..well..When I reached der,evry1 tak ada dead zombies..they hav no plans wat 2 do since Tik Lam is not der..n sum of them might thnk"wat's da point coming 2 practise since Tik Lam absent?"..V proved them all wrong..

1st,Miaw Fen did a lil warm up wit them..den I suggested tt v bring evry1 down n sing "Dirgahayu Tanah Airku" while walking 2 da tapak bola jaring..v stand under da sun..sing n stand in 2 rows.." funeral"said Cj..=_=..many ppl lookin at us..Then,v brought them 2 Sports Centre n sing facing da field..throwin out their voice n stuff..I make Jin Yee 2 act as a bear n evry1 must do exactly wat he do..Fav act of all:hitting own ass..XD..Miaw Fen n I like it..Jin Yee is good..he noes when v sing soft part,he bend down(touchin da floor)..n many more..

V did lots of thing makin them sing on chair..sing when layin down..stare at mirror n practise features(smile,posture..etc.)..

As Sook Ann said"although vry lil ppl came 4 practise,v must at least improve n mus learnt sumthing"..One Team One Voice

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