Countdown to SPM

June 25, 2008

146 more days to's jus freaking me out!I even bought REAL SPM past yr ques for all subject,except Moral..
see..colourful rite?inside lagi colourful..

Hippy is notty..playin wit da plastic bag so I put him inside..
see u stil wanna act cute..hmph..

SPM is scaryy weyyy..I deno how my seniors manage 2 handle SPM..Mayb I shld sulk at 1 corner..
like Hippy..
or hide under da chair..

"SPM=Stupid Peperiksaan Malaysia.." James Ng

"STUPID MARKING SCHEME pisses me off!" Xian Tze

I'm so bored in skl tdy..Shi Ning ponteng tdy..horr..Jie Yi got scolded by Mr.Michael..1st time I heard Jie Yi scolded "F*ck" O.o...and..Chun Wai,mayb u shld stop spraying deodarant 4 othr da front of me..

it's jus weird..da class smelled so "fresh" then..

weeee...guess I'm 1 of da lucky Astro Subscriber 2 receive free 1 month 2 watch AOD..
currently watching dis..=3

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