The Family Tt Prays Together Stays Together

June 03, 2008

Honestly,I can feel da family in choir now..In da beginning of da yr,I wasn't into choir as much as now..I can say,I didn't trust Tik Lam at 1st,but slowly,he changed my mind,n pulled us(at least me)bak 2 choir..

I rmb,when Tik Lam n I talked personally abt choir stuff..he told me.........nvm..many things happened,n I wun say it here..Teamwork is vry important..choir is NOT choir if v aren't all tghr..I shall say,da choir camp tt was held on the 9-10th May 2008,make us understand each othr better..but stil,der r sum bias,n der r members hu didn't wanna coorperate..but(anthr but=_=)da amt of getting lesser n lesser..all v can do,is do our part..n v can't hope 4 100%..can v?

Sook Ann is a reli reli gud president,I've nvr met 1 tt is ever like her..She's so an angel..our Mama..I started calling her Mama cz Hui Ning told me she's mama in chinese I jus tried 2 hav fun calling her tt..but soon..evry1 started 2 call her Mama as well..XD..her kind n "mama" personality,make us all respect her..a lot..

did I mentioned v hav colour code?Tdy is blue..monday blues..Cool eh?I was da conductor agn,for group..Tik Lam tried sumthing different,rather than jus sit der n sing,v were divided into 2 group,den each group 1 conductor,I'm in Group 1,a vry small group compared 2 Group 2, matter how many ppl r der,v will n try our best..n so,1st round,v sing our both malay n eng competition song separately..den,both Group sing different song,n last round,different ppl look at different challenging!!da purpose of doin so,is so v wun get distracted easily by othrs..Jie Min-hu was da distracter at 1st-FAIL..Cj-da later distracter..oo-la-la..u did a great job..

yea,CJ,he went n pulled Wei Lon's pants,clipped Jie Min's hair wit hair pin,use rubberband tie Chia Feng's hair..he kacau all of us..I laughed all da way when he told me wat he did 2 da guys..Shawn was so cute..Cj jus stand in front of him,his mouth closed n get distracted d..I ALMOST got distracted by CJ,i mean..he's CJ lar cum on!he went in front of me,open his mouth BIG BIG n sing out of tune in front of me,tt I jus feel like laughin when I jus see his face..but still I didn't get distracted..blekkkk

It's reli tiring 2 sing without get distracted..I even get distracted when I conducted..luckily my group members trusted me n pulled me bak..It's fun 2 b a distracter isn't it,Cj?XD

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