If You Want To Be Happy,be..

June 19, 2008


It's been 5 weeks of suffering..I jus nid 2 take a break..I dunno how m I gonna survive trials!

I noe you missed me..dun deny it..

Thanks to Mark for accompanying me studyin til 5am durin hol
Thanks to Boon Ho for supporting me n makin me feel better
Thanks to Boon Ping for pulling me tghr and being there for me when I'm nervous,panic,*blank*
Thanks to Ren Hong for making me not to give up
Thanks to Chin Ming for ur sms n cheering me up
Thanks to Chern Jung,Yi Ming,Xinyi,and Chia Feng for accompanying me to take exam replacement
Thanks to Miaw Fen for ur PJPK textbook omg
Thanks to Joseph for helping me out during exams..u helped me A LOT
Thanks to Jiunn Heng for everything <3
Thanks everyone!
I'm feeling good now..at least 4 now..=)

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